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These are the private words of Norma Jean, as she said them at John's funeral.

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    Wow, where do I begin...well...John Ciampi.... He taught me many
things.  He taught me to stick up for myself and be strong.  Even though
sometimes he was scared inside, he never stopped being everybody else's backbone.  I can't remember how many times I heard the phrase, "Ill get John Ciampi on you," as a warning from one guy to another.  John, was a protector to all those people that he loved.  And when I was with him I felt safe.  It seemed like everyone knew John and he had his own special way of showing his love. He would tease you, make fun of you, and have a nickname for you and everyone.   I knew that, that was his way of sharing his love.  He'd put on this smirk, and he'd laugh his infamous laugh and you felt privilege, because he loved you.
    Another thing, I can't forget to mention, is that he taught me how to
love and I know that I didn't give my heart away so easily.  Yet with his
patience and determination, he won his way into my heart and I couldn't help but love him.  He once said to me that no girl has ever loved him the way that I do.  But I would say that none has ever loved me the way that he did.  He was my best friend.  There are so many little things about John that I am going to miss.  I never want to forget his walk (or wobble), his smell, his laugh, and his late night phone calls.  John would wake me up at one, two, three, four in the morning...He'd wake me up tell me he loved me and then would ask, no demand a reply.  And so I would tell him I love him, and then get ready for a heart to heart.  Then he'd have the nerve to say "Oh, I'm tired, I'm going to sleep now..."
    He once told me we were destined to be together and if this is true,
then maybe one day I'll see him again...One day we will all see him.  But from now on we just have to hope, that we all have him watching over us, just like he did in life.
    John, I feel so proud and lucky to love and be loved by you.  I gave
you my all and would have done anything in the world for you.  I ask you to please stay close and watch over all of us...
                         I love you... John Michael Ciampi

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